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Mr Smoking Man is back

I’ve posted about this prick before, walks up the only path to the station smoking. Utter moron. You can’t get past him so you have no choice but to breathe it in. Inconsiderate bastard. If he’s there again next week I will be having another pop at him. I don’t wish to breathe in his second hand smoke at 05:30am or any other time of the day for that matter!  😡😡🚬🚬

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The Hangover

So… I couldn’t sleep. Nothing new there then. Decided to take the train before my normal two, due in the next few minutes. Whilst walking onto the platform I’m greeted by that guy from the hangover movies, before you say it not Bradly Cooper, no the one who causes havoc with the massive beard. It’s sooo tempting to go and ask for an autograph even though I know damn well it’s not him. The exercise would be purely for amusement purposes you see, however it is very early and these are not normally people I travel with. It would be my luck that I came across the one carrying a blade or pepper spray. Not sure my amusement is worth that! 

Happy Monday!