About my blog…..

It has been suggested to me on various occasions due to my opinionated nature and the fact that I have something to say about my daily commute and the people I share it with, That I Should blog about it! 
To be clear, I am rude but have been considered funny. I write as I see fit and it need not be long and drawn out but sometimes if the experience allows I aim to write a bit more. If I can photo the experience I will but mainly it’s about my views day to day with the beastly general public. 
I commute in the south of England by train and by bus. I link my views to a rather particular train company which have been on strike more than that have been running this year. I travel by bus from the station to my workplace with a company who apparently have won awards. I struggle to comprehend this. 
As always all views are my own. If you behave the way I describe people in this blog you should be ashamed and feel free to use this blog as a learning tool, I will not charge you.
Thanks for reading!
With love 
The Opinionated Commuter