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Inconsiderate wanker

Title taken from my friend for this one.

Casually minding my own, badge clearly on display and this stupid bitch gets on and stares at me. Ok fine each to their own and then proceeds to talk at the top of her voice about the free available seats one further down and the one next to me. Making a huge fuss as you do. Anyways I asked her if she wanted me to move so she could sit down to which I received a very early yes! I then sat back down as she made more of a fuss about her friend who quite happily said she wanted to stand, she was actually expecting me to move! I politely reminded her that I would not be moving as I am pregnant. She made another shitty grunt and then as made sure that I’ve felt uncomfortable for the rest of my journey. Nasty bitch. I hope she trips as she gets off the train! And It’s no use sitting in my lap you will not win! Fuck you old lady fuck you. And she smells funny!

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Arrogant prick

Priority seats are there for a reason, I’m allowed to sit in one and should be allowed to use the arm rests as required, however this morning I’ve been forced to move by a man who refused to let me put the arm rest down. I’m already struggling with horrific nausea and need something to balance me. So fuck you mr, I hope you fall off the fucking train when it stops. Karma will get you! Denying a pregnant woman a comfortable journey, God forbid your partner ever has to suffer’