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The bag on the seat


Not blogged for a while due to lack of decent entertainment. However true to form on a rammed train day I discover this! 

Was so tempted to ask them to move but instead found another seat while people are being forced to stand. Karma dear passenger karma. It will get you I promise 


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The smoking man

Hello fellow commuters, long as one no speak! Since the trains have decided to behave themselves I’m seeing a lack of morons on my daily commute which doesn’t make for great blogging! 

I’m still here, still at the grind and still getting the train and bus.

Now I’ve mentioned mr smoking up the footpath before. Happened again this morning. It’s such a joy to have to breathe in his second hand fag smoke. Anyways as it goes there was a station women opening the waiting rooms (shock horror) before 6am! I mentioned it to her and she’s now on the case! This pleases me no end because when they do move it and that prick is walking up the path I can have a massive go at him! Simple joys! 

Happy Easter all, if you are commuting over the period wishing you on time departures!