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The Hangover

So… I couldn’t sleep. Nothing new there then. Decided to take the train before my normal two, due in the next few minutes. Whilst walking onto the platform I’m greeted by that guy from the hangover movies, before you say it not Bradly Cooper, no the one who causes havoc with the massive beard. It’s sooo tempting to go and ask for an autograph even though I know damn well it’s not him. The exercise would be purely for amusement purposes you see, however it is very early and these are not normally people I travel with. It would be my luck that I came across the one carrying a blade or pepper spray. Not sure my amusement is worth that! 

Happy Monday! 

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The newspaper 

Currently sharing half my seat with the woman next to me and her newspaper. I kid you not she had no intention of moving when I sat down. I might refuse to move when she wants to get off the train. We will see………

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Train is rammed. I mean really rammed and this dozy bitch decides to block a seat with her suitcase. After 4 stops and making people find somewhere else to sit she’s finally forced to move. Her answer to it “well it’s not normally this busy” no it might not be love but your fucking suitcase does not need a chair regardless. Walk to work, go on fuck off and walk. 

You would never guess that this sort of shit makes me really mad! 

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The foot commute 

Well this is a new one on me. I’ve done the walk from my home to the station pretty much every day for the last 18 months give or take. This morning I was walking along minding my own when another lady from my road literally tried to cut me up on foot. I’ve got really long legs so my stride is pretty big. She proceeded to again cut me up whilst crossing the road and it wasn’t until she realised that I was pretty much stepping on her heels that she decided to move over. I have absolutely no idea why she did it nor do I actually care but what annoys me is her effort to do it.

Added to that the platform is totally rammed this morning with people I’ve never seen before. What a shitty way to start the week! 

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So whilst stranded at the station the conductor advises we are delayed due to another train coming in. Couple mins later we are further delayed for a driver couple more mins and apparently a driver volunteered to take the service. Volunteered. Is that some kind of a joke. How about you get back to work and provide people with the service they are paying you for!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

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Happy New Year

Remarkable start to the new year, two strike days already and if that wasn’t enough my two hourly service is cut down to one and that’s been cancelled! 

On the plus side there is a very nice dog on the train today 

The guy sitting opposite me clearly has the same idea and also took a photo of her! 

Hope it’s not too cold for y’all!

Best wishes for the 2017 commute!