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This morning 

Two things I noticed whist observing the disgruntled commuter.

Firstly, I chose to attempt to get to work using the train on a day where strikes are looming. 

My husband was able to drop me to a bigger station so I could make a connection. Note even those connections were delayed. Anyhow true to form the train was super packed, standing room only. This young girl had decided to position herself by the door and sit on the floor, I kid you not she had no intention of standing up when we reached a station. I just watched as a fellow passenger with his giant suitcase on wheels just rolled it into her, and then back and rolled it back and then again and back hitting her harder each time until she was forced to stand. Note there was plenty of room to get out, it just seemed that was the only way he wanted to go. Good job it wasn’t me sitting there!!!

I then make my way to the bus at double pace only to be greeted with some twat who wanted to take up the whole pathway, yep, every time I tried to overtake he would walk in my way. Eventually forcing me to go past him via the grass. Due to that I pushed to the front of the queue and made him wait in the cold.

Let’s hope I can get home with little trouble! 

As it happens I appear to have made it to work on time! Miracles! 


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