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Organised Chaos 

So I get back from India to this. Really!!! Is this some kind of wind up? Do they think it's acceptable to plan strikes now. The obscene language I could use for this would go on for hours. 

The joke of it is, suddenly the conductors are back on board checking tickets again, making announcements and generally prentending to care! Like I actually give a fuck. I'm sure everyone has their views on it but my general opinion is that the company should lose their franchise. I pay my monthly ticket in advance of course and now I am never sure if I can get to work. I have heard people saying they will get a disaplinary, some losing their jobs because they are late in or can't get in and this makes me sad. I don't give a fuck what the train company's so called reasonings are quite honestly they should be ashamed. The railway needs passengers to travel,to generate fairs, to run, it's a real shame that we can't all just boycott it and too and make their pockets suffer! 

Thanksfully I can work from home but it's just not the point, I shouldn't have to ask for extra days. Makes me so mad! 

If you use this shambles of a train company, I feel your pain. If you come to the Uk to visit, hire a car, get a taxi you will find you can actually get to where you need to go! 

P.s the over enthusiastic conductor keeps making announcements about where he is. Maybe someone will have the sense to leave him at the next station! 


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