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Random in my spot 

While I was bought up learning how to share, I just cannot bring myself to do it whilst waiting for the train. This morning a random was standing in my spot. I call it mine because any well commuted person knows that if you do this everyday by rights you have a spot. Mine is on platform 1 every morning next to the second bench to get into carriage number four. Second door first set of seats on the left or right.

Omg! Another one has just turned up. Who are you? I suggest you make your way to carriage 8 now. You are not welcome! 

Anyways back to my spot, so there are the group of 5 men who get in carriage 3 just under the information sign, the two London guys who move further up the train and so on and so forth. These randoms can just go. Get an off peak and leave.

My backpack is big and heavy enough to ensure I can push through. I will do it. 

What annoys me is where the fuck they come from. They are not here in the rain certainly not here through the month of August or December. It’s like oh I can’t be bothered to drive this morning so I’m going to upset the balance and generally piss people off. 

That is all 


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