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Raging 😑😑😑

You know that little orange red emoji, today that’s me. The highlight of my day, some revolting individual stealing my lunch, add to that a death defying bus ride and confusing train service information and I’m onto a winner.

So the bus turns up late. No surprises there then, only to stop two stops before most of the bus load was due to get off, no apologies no nothing, thankfully there was another bus behind who waited for us. Slightly amused I look a photo of one of their adverts:

I actually think you might do better contacting a fortune teller, having used their phone service before and being treated like an idiot I have to say I wouldn’t recommend it.

Then to the train. The usual from the idiots than call themselves a company. Advertise quite clearly which section of the train is for which route. We get on sit down and they make a further announcement advising actually it’s the other way round!!!! When questioned,the conductor, similarity to the fat controller from the Thomas the tank engine books advised me that they updated the platform announcement after we had all got on and the doors had closed. Really, I mean really did you actually just say that you pompous prick! He Also advised me that a manager was on board and he would take the train to my destination. He said it like we should give him a gold star for doing is fucking job! Behave! 

I’m not in the best of moods today so stupidity of this calabiar just annoys the crap out of me. 

God forbid they change their minds when it’s time for the train to spilt at the next stop! 

Praying for miracles! 



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