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The date

A simple thing you may need to know on a fairly regular basis. It would appear that this knowledge is not important to the F1 racing bus driver this morning. Who in his wisdom let me on the bus and then proceeded to advise me that my ticket was out of date. Needless to say I clearly reminded him that it’s not yet October! 

On a more serious note, I will be surprised if he gets through the day without a crash! 

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And so it starts again….

It would appear that said train company have cancelled the 06:30 Service this morning, it comes a day after they send out an email advising they are reintroducing services on our route! 😑😑😑😑 


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The Mob man and his I-MacΒ 

Yep. He turns up opposite me, metal topped cane goes on the luggage shelf. Hat is removed. Jacket is also removed to reveal a hideous set of braces, the most awful blue shirt and floral tie. I must add to this, the suit is a beige/camal coloured pinstripe, the shoes tan brown. I’m thinking 1930s at the point, until the Apple devices come out. Hello modern day. He proceeds to wipe down the seat before sitting down and then continues the journey making rather revolting sniffing and grunting sounds. Clearly the modern day tech is a show as he opts for the Guardian newspaper as choice of reading. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸš‚πŸš‚

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Bikes and music

I am currently traveling on what is considered to be a peak service train. 

Could someone please tell me why they have a allowed a full sized bike on said peak service. It is pretty much taking up most of the exit. I hate bikes on trains at the best of times. I am beginning to cope with fold up ones but these full sized fuckers should be banned!

To add to this misery, some dozy cow has got her music on so loud  we can clearly hear every word. She’s been glared at several times and is still not taking the hint. I wonder if I rip the sodding headphones from her ears and stamp on them, will make any difference?! 

I’m not in the mood for this shit today tbh. 

I’m sitting behind two members of railway staff trying to justify why they go on strike. Say no more! 

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Well this is a new one

I’ve got to share this photo. Never in my life have I seen such an example. 

One shoe on one shoe off with the bare foot resting nicely on the seat in front. I think the giant bunion really sets off the look

It’s luggage comfortably seated by the window. After all why would a real person  need to sit down?

And then, yes my favourite bit. The book of choice….

I will let you make up your own minds. 

(I have blocked out the face for her own good and because I don’t want to get sued for using humiliating someone via a blog)


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The button

To the arrogant prick who watched me press the button to open the doors. FYI the button only works when the light is flashing, just so you know it wasn’t. Please do not presume that I need reminding to press it in some kind of mad fury in the hope it might open before this time. Take your button pressing advise and shove it up your Arse!