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Seat anyone

Headphones in, eyes closed and bag protecting the seat. This is beyond moron.

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P for priority

Yay to the prick that just watched the pregnant women struggle to sit down in a priority seat when many others were available then stand impatiently while she tried to get up again so he could sit by the fucking window. I hope the lid comes off your coffee and spills all down your white shirt. Arsehole. I reminded him the reasons for sitting here!

Note: I’ve been commuting at peak hours for a 9-5 shift this week. It’s when the morons come alive.

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Arm Rests

Ok so I’m probably not alone when I move the arm rests to ensure I have a suitable gap between me and the random next to me. Nothing worse than being close to a weirdo. So why is it when you sit down and said weirdo who hasn’t used the arm test prior to your arrival suddenly thinks the whole thing is for them! Why! Why can’t you see I put it down because I actually want to use it and to stop you from spilling out onto my chair as much as possible!? Ahhhhhhhhh

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I’m getting severely fucked off with the level of compassion towards a pregnant person when travelling by train. This morning a guy refused to move his bag from my lap despite me asking, two women pushed in front of me and took the two priority seats and now I’m sitting opposite some cunt who seems to think it’s acceptable to take my floor space. Two other cunts are in the priority seats on this carriage. I normally wouldn’t mind but I’m on the verge of needing crutches and I’m in terrible pain. I need to sit down and I am on the verge of severely maming someone. Only another 5 months of this to go! 😡😡😡

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Inconsiderate wanker

Title taken from my friend for this one.

Casually minding my own, badge clearly on display and this stupid bitch gets on and stares at me. Ok fine each to their own and then proceeds to talk at the top of her voice about the free available seats one further down and the one next to me. Making a huge fuss as you do. Anyways I asked her if she wanted me to move so she could sit down to which I received a very early yes! I then sat back down as she made more of a fuss about her friend who quite happily said she wanted to stand, she was actually expecting me to move! I politely reminded her that I would not be moving as I am pregnant. She made another shitty grunt and then as made sure that I’ve felt uncomfortable for the rest of my journey. Nasty bitch. I hope she trips as she gets off the train! And It’s no use sitting in my lap you will not win! Fuck you old lady fuck you. And she smells funny!

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Arrogant prick

Priority seats are there for a reason, I’m allowed to sit in one and should be allowed to use the arm rests as required, however this morning I’ve been forced to move by a man who refused to let me put the arm rest down. I’m already struggling with horrific nausea and need something to balance me. So fuck you mr, I hope you fall off the fucking train when it stops. Karma will get you! Denying a pregnant woman a comfortable journey, God forbid your partner ever has to suffer’

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Hello commuters!

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet! Truth is I’ve not actually been at work for three weeks! Anyways after a tough old year of fertility treatment I’m now although very early days allowed to wear my badge and push people out of seats! Well I’m not sure I will

Go that far but I am not prepared to let the old granny take up two chairs if I need one! I dare say I will come across some interesting people in the next few months

More than worthy of a blood h post! Have a great day!